Finest Restorations Workshop

Discover Our Incredible Workshop

At Finest Restorations attention to detail and passion don’t just apply to our workmanship, our purpose-built workshop for the type of work we specialise in has also received the Finest Restorations treatment. The facility looks and feels more like a showroom with everything tucked away neatly from the allocated Equipment storage area to the heated Lowbake Spray Painting / Bake oven, to the state-of-the-art Lowbake Paint room equipped with colour Profi chips, Colour Spectrometer with direct online colour availability of well over 100,000 colours and dedicated gun wash machine to keep the spray guns in tip-top shape.

Moving away from the paint room you will find other hidden away racked storage areas for customers’ vehicles when being pulled apart to be worked on, latest in air technology via our screw type compressor, receiver dryer, new airlines and filters and hoses fitted throughout the shop that provides peace of mind. Whilst our dust extraction units allow for a dustless and clean environment throughout the shop, our 2 post hoist allows for easy access when working on the underbody of a vehicle. Our buffing / detailing area provides the latest technology in tried and tested proven products/methods to give your vehicle the finest finish

A vast range of security measures go over and above what you would normally see or be a custom to whilst the dedicated freshly brewed coffee and beverage facility will put a smile on anyone’s face whilst we put together the blueprint for your next project, be it detail, touch up, paintwork or your next dream build.

Licences & Certifications

Motor Traders Association of NSW

Motor Vehicle
Repairer Licence

finest restorations motor dealers and repairers licence

Fire Safety

finest restorations fire safety compliance certificate