1966 Volkswagen Beetle 1300

Work Carried Out

This Volkswagen Beetle 1300 has come into Finest Restorations to undergo a full rotisserie Restoration bringing it back to its former glory.

Vehicle Specs

Make – Volkswagen Beetle 1300
Year – 1966
Colour – To be confirmed
Engine –  4-cyl 1285cc/50hp
Gearbox – 4 Speed Manual

History of the Volkswagen Beetle 1300

The Volkswagen Beetle was in production for sixty-six years with over 21 million examples manufactured, and built in factories on five continents. In 1933, Ferdinand Porsche was tasked with designing and developing a ‘peoples car’ that was affordable, reliable, and basic capable of carrying two adults and three children at speeds up to 100 kph. Production began in 1938 and although it evolved over the years, the basic concept remained unaltered.

The 1300 model was introduced in 1966 and brought with it an increase in power, rising by 25 percent to 50 bhp. The 1966 Volkswagen Beetle was powered by a horizontally opposed, overhead-valve four-cylinder engine displacing 1285cc and fitted to a four-speed manual transmission. Hydraulic drums were in the front and back. There was a ‘1300’ emblem on the decklid and the wheels had vent slots and flat hubcaps. A headlight dimmer was now located on the steering column, and the horn-right was brought back after a two-year absence. The front backrests were given safety latches and a central defroster outlet was added to the dashboard.