1975 Holden Torana SLR 5000

Work Carried Out

This LH Torana came into Finest Restorations with the main brief of cutting and buffing full vehicle to rectify any imperfections in paint work and also painting the bonnet. The final stage was to brush touch and Ceramic Coat the full vehicle to protect the paintwork and give it a flawless finish leaving Finest Restorations headquarters just as it would have looked leaving Holden when new.

Vehicle Specs

Make – Holden Torana SLR 5000
Year – 1975
Colour – Mandarin Red
Engine –  4.2L V8
Gearbox – 4 Speed Manual

History of the LH Torana SLR 5000

The Torana SL/R V8 model was dubbed the SL/R 5000 and sported front and back spoilers (air dams) with the SL/R 5000 decals on the front and rear of the vehicle.  This vehicle was only available as four speed floor shift manual.   It did lack the sport look such as wheels.  In production the car was to be known as the GTR XU-2, but was never used.  A special version of the SL/R 5000 was built known as the L34 Option, but only 263 were ever built.  The idea was to provide more power and durability during racing.  The wheel arch extensions were bolted on to allow for larger rims and tyres.

The wheels were roughly 14 x 6 steel wheels.  On the inside, the motor was the 5.0 litre V8 with a 308 block with bigger modified parts for bigger valves, rockers and exhaust.  It had a manual choke, high output package and an engine cooler.  This car was first produced in 1975 and was mildly successful.  Although fast and quick it was not tough.