1975 Holden Torana SLR 5000

Work Carried Out

This LX Torana came into Finest Restorations with the main brief of fixing a dent on the corner of the front apron which we were able to use PDR method to remove the dent without requiring any paintwork it also required the rear taillight panel to be repaired and painted. The final stage was to brush touch and Glaze the full vehicle to give it a flawless finish leaving Finest Restorations headquarters.

Vehicle Specs

Make – Holden Torana SLR 5000
Year – 1976
Colour – Papaya
Engine –  383 Stroker
Gearbox – Turbo 400 automatic

History of the LH Torana SLR 5000

The LX model also offered a hatchback option with an 1897cc engine; however, the two-door vehicle did not have the unique body style upgrades as discussed prior.  It was more of the plain body style used in the LH model.  However, the LX did have three models of the hatchback with an SL, SS, and SL/R model.  The LX Torana SL model was available as a sedan or a hatchback, while the SS model was only available in the hatchback.  The SL/R 5000 model was a sedan version, but it did have a hatchback version in the SS model that had a nice V8 engine (5.0 litre) that was visibly different with 5.0 litre badging and a smaller spoiler to make it standout more.  The SL/R 5000 sedan was different that all other sedan models because it had a ‘painted’ bonnet and lettering on the spoiler and doors.

The T-bar Trimatic became available in the all V8 engines (5.0 litre) in the SS and SL/R models.  If this option was chosen, the vehicle interior was given more sporty look which orange graphics and a silver dash. A new stalk with a headlight flash and dimmer was fitted along with nice bucket seats.  The exterior was enhanced with round seven inch headlights including halogen inserts.