1985 VK SS Group A/3 HDT Commodore Genuine

Work Carried Out

Finest Restorations was briefed to bring this low kilometre genuine Brock Group A Group 3  Commodore to as closest as possible condition to when it left HDT headquarters. All Paintwork carried out done in Acrylic to replicate the factory finish. This included Painting full under body to correct specifications, and few touch ups in engine bay in factory acrylic paint.  The original paintwork was given the Finest Restorations treatment this included cutting and buffing full vehicle to remove any imperfections and the full vehicle was detailed using unique methods to make the vehicle appear to have never had any work done to it whatsoever. Ceramic coating was also applied to ensure a deep gloss, easy maintenance and cleaning, resistance to stains and scratches, protection from UV rays and an included warranty. Other work carried out was fitment of original Group 3 6×9 high output.

Speakers and 4” kick panel speakers as well as tidy up of Cerulean interior pieces

Vehicle Specs

Make – VK SS Group A/3 HDT Commodore Genuine
Year – 1985
Colour – Formula Blue
Engine – 4.9L Carburettor
Gearbox – T5G 5 Speed

History of the VK SS Group A/3 HDT Commodore

The ‘VK Group A Group 3’ was effectively a VK Group A in a Group Three shell, combining the refinements of the Group 3 with the extra performance of the Group A’s engine. The build was limited to 48 and was based on the Berlina, receiving full instrumentation and tinted tail lights, but no electrics.

This new car was available in Formula Blue Only and had the optional rearward facing bonnet scoop. Some of the Group A Group 3’s were fitted with Momo Star rims instead of the Aero’s as well as the optional T5.

Being the best of both world’s, these are highly desirable cars and command a high price second hand