1986 Holden Commodore HDT LE

Work Carried Out

This VL Calais LE having been stored for several years came into Finest Restorations to restore it to its former glory. The brief was to do whatever was required to get the vehicle looking as it would have once it left the showroom in 1986, After a detailed discussion taking place with the owner the go-ahead was given to work our magic this included, A close door respray in 2pac and also included painting engine in 2pac but to correct factory gloss level specifications. Finishing off with the application of HDT Decals

The final stage was to Buff and Ceramic Coat the vehicle to protect the paintwork and give it a flawless finish leaving Finest Restorations headquarters just as it would have looked leaving HDT when new.

Vehicle Specs

Make – Holden Commodore HDT LE
Year – 1986
Colour – Evening Blue
Engine –  RB30DET 3L Turbo 6cyl
Gearbox – 4 Speed Automatic

History of the HDT Calais LE

At the start of the VL range, Holden did not have an unleaded version of the V8 engine available. Many buyers felt betrayed by the V8 company’s decision to use the new very popular and powerful RB30 Nissan 6 Cylinder Engine in their lineup. Incredibly, sales started off extremely well as for the first time-varying from the previous Calais Based Director, the new Calais VL series HDT dubbed the ‘LE’ (As Brock was saving the Director name for another Calais Release), offered the new six Cylinder and the controversial DB Tech ‘Energy Polarizer’ as standard.

Also on the options list was a variety of extra enhancements such as the Brock premium sound system, Brock interior, electric sunroof and a car phone. In addition, there was the VK Group 3’s steering wheel, optional side and rear skirts or, for the complete look, full side mouldings which replaced the standard Calais items however the base model LE had little body kit at all receiving just a front letterbox type grille and rear boot spoiler.

The LE was available in any Holden colour, as well as a few new ones and a further surprise was to come later down the track with the six-cylinder receiving a ‘GUN’ 150kw Turbo option soon after which surprised and pleased many with its smooth and impressive performance.