VC HDT Commodore ROC

Finest Restorations built and replicated the one and only Tuxedo Black ROC car driven by Peter Brock in the Race of champions. Work commenced by stripping down an already clean and well-presented Palais white HDT VC replica, work then began for the major colour change to Black paying attention and rectifying any existing flaws within the body. The running gear was all rebuilt to VC HDT Brock specifications including the 3.36 diff ratio used on all the HDT 4 speed manual cars, the interior was fully refurbished including the No: 7 engraved Momo Steering wheel. The roll cage to full ROC spec, race harness and the extremely hard to find correct yellow fire extinguisher was added to the vehicle along with all the other HDT goodies. Finally, all the ROC decals were reproduced with incredible attention to detail and applied to the vehicle.

Vehicle Specs

Make – HDT Brock Commodore HDT
Year – 1980
Colour – Tuxedo Black
Engine – 5L 308 V8
Gearbox – 5 Speed Manual

Dubbed the ‘HDT Race of Champions’, the event was all about showcasing Peter Brock’s new range of hotted-up Holden road cars under the HDT Special Vehicles banner with a dozen HDT ‘ROC’ cars prepared in three colours – Tuxedo Black, Firethorn Red and Palais White.

These cars varied from the regular 500 production line models in that they were fitted with a roll cage and the steering wheel was hand engraved by Peter Brock personally (the production cars had their wheels stencilled, and the ROC cars also had their number inside the glovebox).