VH Group 3 HO

The Australian Dealer Pack (ADP) was introduced in the period between the end of the VC HDT and prior to the main model in the VH Series. The HDT Dealers were screaming for cars after the end of the VC and it was still some time until the base model cars were ready for the new range of HDT vehicles. In addition, several non-HDT Dealers wanted something they could also sell.

Vehicle Specs

Make – Holden Commodore ADP
Year – 1983
Colour – Alabaster White
Engine – 5L Carburettor
Gearbox – 3 Speed Automatic

The cars were based on anything from the SL, right through to the top of the range SL/E variant and had either the 4.2 or 5 litre V8’s and both manual or automatic transmissions.

Available in any Holden colour, buyers could also option them up with VC style flares, Stratos seats, 16-inch Centra road wheels and more.

In addition, HDT had built a few Jackaroo in this period also. The 1000th car built by HDT Special Vehicles was a black SL/E ADP, referred to as the “Carringbush Special.