VK Group A Group Three HDT Peter Brock Commodore Tribute

Work Carried Out

Finest Restorations was briefed on creating an identical replica of one of the 50 Peter Brock HDT Group A Group 3 models.  Our team sourced parts including genuine NOS HDT and GMH parts. A full HDT body kit was fitted with the entire vehicle painted in the correct colour of Formula Blue and a brand new interior was fitted out. The engine was equipped with the correct HDT equipment. Also fitted was with Brock Scheel trim, 380mm Group A steering wheel, high output Eurovox Brock stereo and 16×7 Momo Wheels colour coded as per the production HDT factory cars.

Vehicle Specs

Make – VK Group A Group Three HDT Peter Brock Commodore Replica
Year – 1985
Colour – Formula Blue
Engine – 4.9L Carburettor
Gearbox – T5G 5 Speed

History of the HDT Peter Brock VK Group A Group Three

The ‘VK Group A Group 3’ in a nutshell, was a VK Group A in a Group 3 shell. Combining the refinements of the Group 3 with the performance of the Group A’s engine, this vehicle was limited to 48 units and based on the Berlina. The car received the full instrumentation and tinted taillights, but no electrical components. When new, the car was only available in Formula Blue and had the option for a rearward-facing bonnet scoop. Some of the group A Group 3’s were fitted with the Momo Star rims instead of the standard Aero’s as well as the optional T5.

Being the best of both worlds, these vehicles are highly desirable and can fetch very high prices second-hand.