VK Group A HDT Peter Brock Commodore Replica

Work Carried Out

Briefed to build an identical replica of the recently sold personal car of Peter brock, this turn-key build was a replica of car number 005/502 of the HDT Group A cars. Fitted with all genuine parts including NOS, HDT and GMH parts, the vehicle had a full HDT body kit installed, interior and exterior paintwork resprayed in Formula Blue. full interior fit-out, full Group A engine spec rebuild with an M21 4-speed gearbox, an upgraded VL 3.45 ratio limited-slip differential as per the owner’s brief, HDT Brock Scheel 380mm Group A steering wheel, Eurovox Micro command Brock stereo, 16×7 HDT Aero wheels finished in the correct colour coded white and the optional Aero Moon Disks as per HDT factory option.

Vehicle Specs

Make – VK Group A HDT Peter Brock Commodore Replica
Year – 1985
Colour – Formula Blue
Engine – 4.9 Carburettor
Gearbox – M21 4 Speed

History of the HDT Peter Brock VK Group A 005 Built Personal Car

25 May 2021: Sold! The 1985 HDT VK SS Group A has ended with a final auction bid of $1,057,509 (with a 7.5 per cent buyer’s premium of $79,313 on top), making it the most expensive Australian road car sold. The winning bid was made, 26 minutes before the auction ended, by A. P. of Strathmore in Victoria.

After the first run of Super SL Group A cars, HDT decided to revive the group A name once again in order to build a 500 car homologation special. For this project, they painted them all engine bay with a striking formula blue that was commonly found on BMWs. Because the class stipulated that their engines could only be 5 litres in size or under, HDT had to actually recreate a different engine called the 304. This was necessary so as not to incur any penalty points for exceeding 5 litres as part of their overall weight.

Although SS Group A’s were meant to be produced in 500 units, a mix up in ordering meant 502 cars were actually built and the cars featured many of the parts that would go on to be used on race car versions like large front air dams, boot spoilers and roller rockers along with a modified block designed by Crane Cams. Cars also featured an all-red paint scheme to distinguish them from production models.

Fitted as standard we the 16×7 HDT Aero rims minus the flush covers in white as per Brock’s request. Holden and Brock agreed that white wheels would be optional with some buyers also choosing to have the flush covers also fitted. The interior featured the car’s build number from 500 on the glovebox, along with a set of Scheel seats, momo steering wheel & gearbknob and a sound system consisting of just 2 speakers and a Tape Deck as it was not designed to be a luxury cruiser.