VK Group A HDT

Work Carried Out

Turn-Key Tribute build of the famous Group A model, including full body and paint work to running gear and interior. This beauty was undetectable as a replica once Finest Restorations added all the hard to get HDT Brock Commodore pieces to the puzzle.

Vehicle Specs

Make – VK Group A HDT Commodore Replica
Year – 1985
Colour – Formula Blue
Engine – 4.9 Carburettor
Gearbox – M21 4 Speed

History of the HDT VK Group A

The HDT VK Group A – The most famous of all the Brock Commodores, with 502 examples of the original race homologation model being built between May and December 1985. The Blue Meanie is so revered today, with enthusiasts paying high prices for top quality examples of the breed.