1985 VK SS Group A HDT Commodore Genuine

Finest Restorations was briefed to bring this low-kilometre genuine Brock Group A Commodore as close as possible to the condition when it left HDT headquarters. Paintwork carried out to the bar and grille was done in the correct GMH Acrylic to replicate the factory finish. This included touching up the door handles. The original paintwork was given the Finest Restoration loving and the full vehicle was detailed using unique methods to make the vehicle appear to have never had any work done to it whatsoever. Ceramic coating was also applied to ensure a deep gloss, easy maintenance and cleaning, resistance to stains and scratches, protection from UV rays and an included warranty.

Vehicle Specs

Make – VK SS Group A HDT Commodore Genuine
Year – 1985
Colour – Formula Blue
Engine – 4.9L Carburettor
Gearbox – M21 4 Speed

History of the VK SS Group A HDT Commodore

The HDT VK Group A – The most famous of all the Brock Commodores, with 502 examples of the original race homologation model being built between May and December 1985. The Blue Meanie is so revered today, with enthusiasts paying high prices for top-quality examples of the breed.

After being first seen in the form of the SL Group A, HDT revived the Group A name for the SS Group A, a 500-build homologation special with its striking Formula Blue paintwork. For these cars, the 5.0 litre V8 was actually destroked as under Group A regulations, a weight penalty would have been incurred for having an engine over 5 Litres, so the engine was destroked from 5044cc to 4.987cc or 308 cubic inches to 304 cubic inches. HDT referred to the 304 as the 4.9 litre V8.

Although supposed to be 500 built, a mix-up in ordering meant 502 SS Group A’s were actually produced and the cars featured much of the items to be used on the race cars, such as a large front air dam, large boot spoiler, roller rockers and a modified block, which was painted a distinctive red. A Crane Cam of HDT’s design was also fitted and all up, the Group A’s modifications lifted the power output to a very healthy 196kw

16×7 HDT Aero rims minus the flush covers were fitted as standard, but Brock wanted these wheels to be white. In the end, Holden and Brock agreed that white wheels would be optional and some buyers also chose to have the flush covers fitted also.

The interior featured the cars build number of 500 on the glovebox, along with a set of Shceel seats, a momo steering wheel & gearbknob, but not much else, with the sound system consisting of just 2 speakers and a Tape Deck as it was not designed to be a luxury cruiser.