VK – VF HDT Group A Retro Build

The Finest Restorations team was briefed to transform this standard VF SS commodore into a one-of-a-kind HDT 30th anniversary version of the Vk-Vf Group A Retro. The process included the fitment of an HDT Body Kit, Group a sticker kit, blacking out all chrome moulds, touch-ups, and paintless dent removal. The final stage was paint correction of the full vehicle to ensure a flawless finish.

Vehicle Specs

Make – Holden Commodore
Year – 2015
Colour – Perfect Blue
Engine – 6.0L Supercharged
Gearbox – 6 Speed Auto

History of the Group A Retro

In 1985, HDT and Peter Brock released the new and exciting HDT Commodore, the VK SS Group A. Fast forward to 2012 and the HDT Blue Meanie was back, and better than ever. HDT recreated the famous Formula Blue steed as a part of their Heritage Series.

Now, in 2015, HDT is now celebrating 30 years since the Original hit the streets with just 30 VF Blue Meanie Anniversary Edition Commodores available. Keeping with the Holden tribute to Brock all cars are to be built on the Perfect Blue VF Commodore and come complete with the Peter Brock signature on the guards.