VL-VE HDT Improved Retro

The Finest Restorations team was briefed to transform this HDT Improved version of the VL-VE Group A Retro into an original VL Bathurst winning Mobil 05 car. The process included the fitment of an HDT Body Kit, colour coding along with extensive rectification and touch-ups, fitment of new mouldings and full colour coded 20” HDT Star wheels with modified wheel decals. The team also reproduced the original race-winning livery to suit the VE body shape.

Vehicle Specs

Make – VL-VE HDT Improved Rerto
Year – 2011
Colour – Heron White
Engine – 6.0L Injection
Gearbox – 6 Speed Auto

History of the VL Bathurst Winning Peter Brock HDT Mobil Race Car

As one of the last race cars ever built by HDT and Peter Brock, this 1897 Holden VL Group A car was special. This vehicle had a DB Polarizer, a device described by Peter Brock that “altered the behaviour and characteristics of material and components in the vehicle”. This device was so revolutionary that Holden never fully understood it.

When Brock took the #05 and #10 cars to Bathurst in 1987, he had no Holden backing. Ironically Brock went on to win his final Bathurst 1000 title in #10 with David Parsons and Peter McLeod after the two leading Sierras were disqualified for bodywork irregularities.