We are a fully equipped workshop in the heart of Sydney. With over 3 generations of experience in all aspects of automotive restorations and detailing, we can handle any job big or small – from simple restorations to complete turn-key builds.

Car Restorations

Finest Restorations specialise in the restoration, repair and paintwork of Australian Muscle cars.

Turnkey Builds

A high level of workmanship and customer satisfaction is at the heart of every Finest Restoration build.

Car Detailing

Transform your car and add thousands of dollars of value to your investment through our expert detailing services.

Tribute Car Builds

Have skyrocketing prices pushed your dream car out of reach? At Finest Restorations we can build a tribute of your desired vehicle to an undetectable level.

Car Body Kits

Do you have a body kit that needs attention, alignment or paint rectification or wish to have a body kit fitted?

Additional Services

Explore all our additional services that give your vehicle the upper edge.


Why Choose Finest Restorations?

With over 50 years of experience and combined knowledge, we are passionate and have an incredible eye for detail which is evident in all our builds and the way we operate the business. Countless hours go into every project we work on and the finished product shows our experience and expertise in the industry.